Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas Ornament

This is another ornament I tried to make pretty. I took gold paint and poured it inside, unfortunately the paint was kinda thick and didn't roll around like I wanted to so I took some beads and put them inside hoping they could help make a pretty design on the inside. NOPE! they stuck to the bottom of the thick paint so slowly I rolled the ornament and got the momentum the beads needed and rolled them around. Well they still didn't roll to make a wonderful design so I rolled and rolled until the whole bulb walls were covered. It took for ever to get the 5 little beads out of the bulb. Now I had a gold light bulb!! I decided not to give up and painted some glue on the bulb and then put glitter on it. The glitter was called crystal I think it turned out bluish/purple. Oh well here it is.

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